Welcome to HyoRO

Listen to my story: A story that began many years ago when Hyoro was last seen online ... A server very different from the other servers of Ragnarok at the time until today. Unfortunately it was closed, for several reasons such as: hackers, item duping and Etc

On one fine day, Black Hat, an assiduous fan, was able to retrieve the files from the server: Items and some misc. Black Hat then stayed for several days and months without sleeping right, almost sacrificing things in his life to be able to bring back this incredible server loved by all. He tried to approach the former owner, but out of disagreements and intrigues of other players, they did not speak anymore.

Welcome to HyoRO!!! Old Server brought back to life by an awesome team of ADMS and GMS!!! We are here to bring that gameplay you all loved before!! Super high rate server 150M/150M/80%!! Max Level 5000!!!! FULL PVP!!!!

Be careful! Many noob have the habit of using hacks to steal items, through Trade Hack and other ways. Staff HyoRO will not return stolen items or stolen accounts, so do not split your account with anyone.

My name is Black hat and welcome to HyoRO. If you want to join us, Click here!